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HSUAN TAI ELECTRONIC (SUZHOU) CO., LTD was founded in 1988 in Taiwan, specializing in the production of ceramic capacitors "for export, after Taiwan labor and manufacturing cost factors, in August 1992 transferred to the Town cellar, Guangdong city of Dongguan Province, set up a" Manhattan electronics factory ".

To meet the market demand, the expansion of production in January 1996 four moved to the village of Humen Town, Guangdong city of Dongguan province Baisha management area, and renamed "Yitai electronics factory".

Required for the supply of East China manufacturers, in August 2002 in Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, shenta town to create "xuantai electronic (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., the company continuously improve the quality of production continued to expand, and in their training a group of talents under the kind of have both ability and political integrity, increasing product............ Plastic capacitor, metallized film, multilayer ceramic capacitors, related equipment, also has investment.

In September 1999 our high voltage ceramic capacitor (Y capacitor), metallized film capacitor (X2), two in Europe and the United States has made Chinese the Great Wall 10 national safety certification, and has started production at the peak of the monthly production of ceramic capacitors 160 million, 16 million plastic capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors 4 million.